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The Power of Podcasting For Authors

According to Apple, over 10 billion podcast episodes were consumed on its devices in 2016. That’s 2 billion more downloads than 2015 and 3 billion more than 2014 on Apple devices alone.

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Wouldn’t you like a share of that audience?

​Your book is the best piece of content marketing you will ever have. So why limit it to just the reading audience? Here’s an idea. Create an additional piece of content by leveraging the ​gigantic podcast listener audience by turning your book into a multi-episode podcast​, without ever having to record your voice or learn complicated audio software. Reach millions of new customers who may have never heard about your book and get them to subscribe to your email list, purchase your products/services, and of course, buy ​your book!

​The Metrics Do Not Lie: The Podcasting Explosion (link)

  • 68 million Americans tune in monthly to podcasts (that’s 1 in 4 of every person)
  • 65% just started listening in the last 3-years, which means it’s new and exciting, and effective
  • The retention rate of auditory learning is 2x higher than reading
  • 52% listen while driving. And also when working out, traveling, or commuting
  • We’re a binge-driven society now. Story based serial content is in high demand

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