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Are You Ready To Go Direct To Your Customers?

“Go Direct! is undoubtedly the best marketing book I’ve read in years.” – Kip Marlow

If you are a content creator of any kind, this short book is going to change your life and business for the better.

Pick up a copy if you are an artist, musician, or author/writer or Youtube video-maker, or blogger or comedian or anyone who creates any type of content that is consumed by an audience. Yes, that means you, the gal who writes a blog on gardening, or the guy who is in charge of content marketing at your agency, and even you, the chef who creates amazing food and wants to find more ways to “Go Direct!” to her fans.

Read this book if you want to:

  • Find out how comedian Louie C.K. defied the middlemen and worked around the gatekeepers to earn over $5 million by Going Direct! to his fans
  • Or how Jimmy Fallon instantly doubled the ratings of The Tonight Show overnight by breaking the old rules of content sharing and distribution
  • How a musician named Amanda Palmer went from working as a street performer asking for donations on the side of the road, to an Internet sensation with legions of fans who support her to the tune of millions of dollars