How It Works – Book2Pod – Turn Your Book Into A Podcast!

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How It Works

​Thank you for your interest in creating your very own Book2Pod! The process is simple and quick. Please choose the package that is best for you and your book. Then once your order is placed, you'll be directed to ​our Book2Pod Setup Wizard page where you will choose the voice you'd like to use, as well as upload the contents of your book. Once that form is complete we will begin​ creating your Book2Pod. For a detailed list of what each package comes with​ please scroll down the page.

​​Place your order then fill out a short form where you choose your voice and upload your book contents

We create for you a brand new multi-episode podcast channel with professional podcast artwork

STEP #​3
We publish each book “chapter” as podcast episodes on iTunes, Stitcher​, Google Play & Spotify

STEP #​4
We provide you with a custom Book2Pod landing page showcasing your Book2Pod and links to your book for sale

STEP #​5
You get more exposure and attention for your brand/book as promoted through the Book2Pod Network of shows

​Step 1

​​Send Us Your Book Manuscript & Choose Your Podcast Options

​Place your order then use our simple online order form to send us your book manuscript. You'll also be able to choose the voice you want to use, as well as ​create a custom call-to-action and also decide the publishing schedule. That's all you have to do! ​

Step 2
​We Design Your Brand New Podcast Artwork
(Classic Package Only)

We'll get to work designing your custom podcast artwork based upon your book for your new channel. Your artwork will reflect your book colors or brand, and will stand out and get noticed.

Step 3
Our Robots Go Into The Lab & Begin Reading Your Book

​Next we put our robot narrators to work producing your audio files. We'll break your book into episodes (like chapters), add the sounder music you've chosen, and add your custom call-to-action to each episode.

Step 4
We Build Your Beautiful Book2Pod Landing Page

Each Book2Pod comes with a landing page with detailed information about your book and the new podcast. Add links to sell your book on Amazon, or back to your website. Share this page with potential customers as a gateway to explore your new Book2Pod.

Step ​5
​We Create, Host & Publish Your Podcast For You!
(Classic Package Only)

​We host your new Book2Pod and submit it to iTunes, Stitcher​, Google Play & Spotify as part of the Book2Pod Network. Your new Book2Pod will appear across the web in these channels and more exposing you to millions of new readers/customers.