FAQ – Book2Pod – Turn Your Book Into A Podcast!

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What is a Book2Pod?Answer: A Book2Pod is your book, turned into a powerful and attention-getting multi-episode podcast using our proprietary Book2Pod accelerated text to speech service. Curiosity peaked? Check out some of our examples.

Is a Book2Pod for non-fiction or fiction or both?Answer: You can create a Book2Pod from both non-fiction and fiction books. A non-fiction Book2Pod is great for driving leads and sales to your products and services, and a fiction Book2Pod can drive new readers to your website and mailing list. Check our examples to see how it works.

​Why do you need a Book2Pod?Answer: ​Book2Pod was created out of a need for authors who wanted more exposure (leads/sales/readers/customers) and who always wanted to have their very own podcast. But creating a podcast is hard work. You have to hire a narrator, or record it yourself. That means buying an expensive “podcasting” microphone, as well as learning complicated audio editing software. Not to mention you have to figure out where to host your podcast, then submit it to the popular podcast networks. Then, after all that, figure out how to promote it.

For example, if you were to ​create your own podcast you would have to:

  • Hire a human narrator. Estimated Cost: $1,000-$4,000
  • Spend time reviewing and editing audio narration files
  • ​Find podcast host and pay monthly fees
  • Figure out all technical feed issues and where to submit the podcast
  • Find places to promote it
  • Don’t want to figure all that out? Get your own Book2Pod and we’ll do it for you!

Is a Book2Pod an audiobook?Answer: Not technically. A Book2Pod breaks your book into multiple episodes and is distributed through podcasting networks like iTunes, Stitcher​, Google Play & Spotify. An audiobook is your book as one big file and is typically sold. Book2Pod’s are free content to gain exposure, drive leads and sales and mailing list sign ups.

Does this violate the Audible exclusivity agreement?Answer: No. Audible cares about you selling the book on other channels, not giving it away in podcast form. Plus, the Book2Pod version of your book will be a newly produced audio version with a different voice than any Audible version you may have.

I’m traditionally published, can I create a Book2Pod?Answer: That depends. You’ll have to check with your publisher. Remember, you’re not publishing an audiobook. You’re taking the contents of your book and turning it into podcast episodes. Your publisher “might” be ok with this, or might not. Give them a call. 

Can I record my own Book2Pod?Answer: The benefit of the Book2Pod system is that you don’t have to record any audio or learn how to use complicated audio editing programs. If you wish to record your own, you can, and should, do it. But we don’t have the systems in place to allow you to upload your own audio files, just yet.

​What if I have more than one book?Answer: ​Multi-book authors can put multiple Book2Pods into a single iTunes channel, with each Book2Pod as a “season”. So the answer is, yes! You can release each episode as you wish, all at once, or by day/week/month, giving you as much scheduled content as you wish.

What voices can I choose for my Book2Pod?Answer: We have many voices that you can choose from, please check our voices page. ​

​​Do I get stats?Answer: ​​​Yes! You’ll get access to full stats and demographics available about your Book2Pod.

​Do you host it for me?Answer: ​Yes, with our B2P Classic Package only. A full year of hosting, with unlimited downloads, is part of our service. Of course, if you want to host your Book2Pod on your own you can by choosing our DIY Package option.

​What happens after a year?Answer: ​You can renew your hosting with us for a minimal fee, or, you could download the episodes and host them on your own.

What’s the refund policy?Answer: Book2Pod is a service. Therefore, we do not have a refund policy. Of course, if something goes catastrophically wrong and we were not able to perform what we said we would do, we would make sure we make it right.

Where will by Book2Pod be published?Answer: Your Book2Pod will be published as podcast episodes in the Apple iTunes podcast network, as well as Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play. Your Book2Pod will also appear in many other networks that carry the Apple iTunes feed so the exposure is massive.

Who owns the content of my Book2Pod?Answer: You do. Book2Pod waives any ownership of your content in any way. All we do is perform a service of converting it to audio files and publishing it for you. You own your content, and if at any time you wish us to unpublish your content all you have to do is let us know.

Can I use the Book2Pod files on my own website?Answer: Yes, in fact, we give you your own custom landing page to link to ​so you can promote it. If you wish to download the episodes and host them on your server and use them on your website, go right ahead!

Can I upload my Book2Pod files to Audible as an audiobook?Answer: No. Audible, as of this moment, only accepts human narrated files. That could, and should, change in the future we hope. Insert evil genius laugh here.

How long does it take to get my Book2Pod ready?Answer: Depending on order volume, it could take up to ​5-7 days to create your Book2Pod then another day or so to get it approved in iTunes and other channels. Remember, we also have to create your podcast artwork ​as well. Overall, based upon order volume, we expect to have your Book2Pod ready for you within a week, or less.

​Do I publish my new Book2Pod ​all at once or can I schedule it?Answer: ​That’s totally up to you! We give you the option to publish every episode all at once, or you can choose your own schedule. Let’s say your book is 25 chapters. You could tell us to schedule to release a new episode every week, giving you 25 weeks of amazing podcast content!

​How do you do this?Answer: ​​Book2Pod is built on the Amazon Polly platform. Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create applications that talk, and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. Companies like Amazon understand the power of using audio in all aspects of online communication, from ecommerce, to courses/learning channels, to yes, podcasting. ​Because we are built off the Amazon Polly platform, you can rest assured we are using the very best technology that is supported and updated by one of the largest brands in the world!

​Who is behind Book2Pod?Answer: ​​​Book2Pod is the first project by ​VoCoCraft, a ​group of Internet professionals with ​50+ years combined coding and marketing experience. For press inquiries, please contact us at help@book2pod.com.