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examples clone backup

Check out some live Book2Pod projects and get a feel for what it is and how it will work for your book. The examples below cover both non-fiction and fiction and utilize many different voices from the Book2Pod network.

Example 1: Go Direct!(Non-Fiction/Voice: Harry)

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Book Details (before Book2Pod): 

​55​Page Count​25,212​Words

​After Book2Pod Conversion

​1hr ​13min​Total Audio Length​1​1​Podcast Episodes

How much time/money would it take to turn this book into a podcast ​on your own?Estimated cost to hire narrator, pay for podcast hosting & edit files: $​1500 – $2000Estimated time to record audio on your own and edit/prepare files, then upload them: ​25 – 30 hours

​How does this Book2Pod drive sales & leads for the author?​Each author can write/customize a call to action (CTA) to be read inside each episode ​so as to more effectively drive listeners back to their own special offer, website, or landing page.​