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Book2Pod™Find New Customers & Grow Your Brand By Turning Your Book Into A Podcast

(Without Ever Having To Record Any Audio!)

​​Quick Listen: Episode Examples​

​(Non-Fiction – Voice: Nigel) ​View on iTunes​Episodes: 9Audio Total: ​1 hour, 20 min

​(Fiction – Voice: Nicky) View on iTunesEpisodes: 40Audio Total: ​5 hours, 13 min

​(Non-Fiction – Voice: Harry) View on iTunesEpisodes: 11Audio Total: ​1 hour, 53 min

What Is A Book2Pod?

A Book2Pod is your book, turned into a powerful and attention-getting multi-episode podcast using our proprietary Book2Pod accelerated text to speech service. Curiosity peaked?

Here’s how it works:

STEP #1​We take your book and transform it into podcast audio files using text to speech technology

STEP #2We create for you a brand new multi-episode podcast channel with professional artwork

STEP #​3We publish each book “chapter” as podcast episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play & Spotify

STEP #​4We provide you with a custom Book2Pod landing page showcasing your Book2Pod

STEP #​5You get more exposure and attention for your brand/book as promoted through the Book2Pod Network of shows

​Did we mention we do all the work & there’s no need to record your voice?Ready to get started? Click here.

But ​your Book2Pod ​does so much more!

Here’s a list of the other features ​that come with your Book2Pod.

Custom Call To Actions In Every Episode!Isn’t the entire point of finding new customers/readers to drive them back to your own website, blog or landing page? Each Book2Pod author has the ability to craft their very own custom call to action statement that is inserted into every episode.

Your Book2Pod Will Be Exposed To Millions!Podcasting is growing faster than ever imagined. Every day millions of podcast listeners discover new and exciting podcasts to subscribe to. With your new Book2Pod, you will be exposed to new customers and readers across the biggest podcast networks like iTunes, Stitcher​, Google Play & Spotify. As well as promoted as ​part of the Book2Pod Network of shows.

Choose The Voice That Best Fits Your Book!We have many choices for you to choose from. Your Book2Pod will be produced choosing the voice that best matches your preference. Check out our voice examples. Your book might sound better with an American male voice, or it might sound better using a female with a British accent. It’s up to you!

​One Year Of Podcast Hosting, Plus Stats, Included!​Your Book2Pod (Classic Package) comes with a full year of hosting of your podcast, including real-time stats of downloads, visitors, etc…

​What Makes A Book2Pod Different?

​First off, a Book2Pod is not an audiobook. It’s a podcast; using the contents of your book, broken into multiple attention-getting podcast episodes. Where we change the game is ​how we use our proprietary accelerated text to speech Book2Pod ​​system to turn your book into professional audio files, meaning you never have to record audio or hire a narrator.

Here’s Why A Book2Pod Benefits You As An Author (Non-Fiction & Fiction)

More Exposure 

Your book now has its own podcast channel where you can be exposed to millions of new customers. It will also be promoted through the Book2Pod Network of shows.

Drive Leads, Sales & Email Subscribers

With your new Book2Pod you can find new leads and readers and drive them back to your business or your other books, or both!

You Don’t Have To Record Audio Or Hire An Expensive Narrator

We use the power of text to speech technology to transform your book into audio, without you having to learn how to record a podcast. Simply choose the voice you like the best for your book and that’s it!

Duplicate Your Content & Create Multiple Layers Of Content Over Time

Turn your book into multiple pieces of audio content that can be published on your schedule, over time giving you another way to reach millions of people on different platforms.

​What Will My Book2Pod Sound Like?

​Meet Harry, one of our Book2Pod robot voices. ​Check out all of our Book2Pod voice examples here.

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